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Spell it out with personal pieces from our Lovisa Initials Collection! Style your own initial, or the initial of a loved with our bamboo and rectangle initial pendants or mix and match your letters with an initial earring stack!

Spell it out with personal pieces from our Lovisa Initials Collection! Style your own initial, or the initial of a loved with our bamboo and... Read more... Read less

Endless Hoop Earring Styling Options

Styles: Take your pick from our huggie hoop earrings, sleeper earrings, oval hoop earrings, twist hoop earrings, double hoop earrings, large hoops, mini hoops, and more.

Materials: Embrace luxurious sophistication with our classic 925 sterling silver and gold hoop earrings, or elevate your outfit with our rose gold and gold-plated collection. Our premium titanium and surgical steel hoop earrings also make great options for sensitive skin.

Colours: Choose from a wide palette of shades to match your outfit and mood - from radiant rose gold, timeless silver, and stunning gold to sleek black steel. Add some dazzle with gemstones that replicate the sparkling elegance of diamonds, freshwater pearls, and more.

Hoop Earrings to Match Your Outfit and Mood

Everyday wear: Our huggie hoops and sleeper earrings offer timeless style and comfort for everyday wear. Whether you prefer classic silver or trendy gold, find the perfect pair to complement your daily look.

Glamorous Affairs: Redefine glamour on special occasions with statement hoops that slay. Adorned with gemstones, pearls, and exquisite shapes, these hoops ensure you shine at weddings, formals, festivals, and celebrations.

Romantic Interludes: Make date nights more enchanting with diamond-cut and heart hoop earrings that make the perfect accessory for those intimate, candlelit evenings and romantic rendezvous.


Can I get hoop earrings after piercing?

It's best to wait before switching to hoop earrings after a new piercing. Initially, you should follow aftercare steps during the healing process. Do not take out the original jewellery to reduce the risk of irritation or infection. After your piercing has fully healed, you can safely change to hoop earrings.

Can I sleep in hoop earrings?

While sleeping in small hoop earrings and sleeper styles is common practice, it’s not recommended to sleep in large hoops as it can cause discomfort and possibly hurt your ears if they get caught on something. It's safer and more comfortable to take them off before you go to bed.

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